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Palma’s Best Markets, Ca's Saboners Beach Aparthotel

Palma’s Best Markets

January 24 2023

It’s often said that through food, you can really get to know a place, its people and its culture. And we couldn’t agree more! In the past, just like today, Mallorca’s agricultural bounty is celebrated and shared with visitors from around the globe. Nobody comes to the island without having visited at least one of the many markets that pop up at weekends, or which are a more permanent fixture in the capital Palma. Whatever food you fancy, you’ll find it! Make your foodie dreams come true with a visit to these markets below.

Mercat Olivar

Mercat Olivar is the ultimate food market in Palma! Why? Because it has the most incredible selection of foods you can imagine. Abundance is the right word to describe the offering here: you’ll find everything from fish to cheese, sweet delights, wines and so much more. Sit down and grab lunch at one of the stalls. The best thing about eating at a market is that you get the chance to sample so many different foods at the same time. And we highly recommend doing that.

The market itself is only a short walk from the Cathedral La Seu and close to the Plaza España. The market is open Monday to Thursday from 7:00 – 14:30, Friday until 20:00 and Saturday until 15:00.

Mercat Santa Catalina

Mercat Santa Catalina is one of our favourite markets in Palma. The reason: its location. Founded in 1905, it sits proudly in the most vibrant, stylish and hip neighbourhood in the city: Santa Catalina. Here, you feel the atmosphere, the buzz, the joy at every step. If you’re in the mood for lunch, hop from stall to stall and try some freshly cooked treats. We’d recommend some of the traditional staples, like tapas or paella. At the weekends in particular, the market draws people from all around the island to come and enjoy good conversation and delicious food together.

Santa Catalina market is open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8:00 and 14:00.

Pere Garau market

Pere Garau is another popular indoor market where you can find an incredible selection of fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish. The produce here is second to none. Make sure you bring a big basket, because we promise you’ll be stoking up your kitchen. The food market is open every day. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there is an additional part to the market where you can find clothes, accessories and even small animals!

La Llotja del Peix

If you’re looking for the freshest fish, then you’ll want to head to the La Llotja del Peix market. This is the place where you’ll meet the island’s best chefs buying fish and seafood for their restaurants. Early risers will get the best pick when the fishermen present the bounty they caught overnight.

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